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Useful Resources

Consular Fees

List of ATIO Certified Translators
Translation of documents: This Consulate DOES NOT provide translation services. All translations submitted to this Consulate must be done by a Consulate approved translator (see list of ATIO certified translators above). 

List of notary public/lawyers whose signature is on file at this Consulate

List of Foreign Legal Consultants

List of “Patronati” 

Medico di Fiducia  (Physician of reference for certain consular services)

Elenco medici operanti nella circoscrizione (List of Physicians)

Rimborso spese mediche sostenute in Canada 

Translations into Italian and Apostille

Ontario Photo Card: Ontario is introducing a new photo card that will allow for non-drivers aged 16 years and over to access government, financial or business services that require proof of identity. For more information regarding cost, expiry, and where to get the card, click here.

Guida alla Dichiarazione dei redditi per residenti all’estero (Italian only)
Per informazioni aggiornate, si raccomanda di consultare il sito web dell’Agenzia delle Entrate

Convention between Italy and Canada to Avoid Double Taxation 

COMITES (Comitato degli Italiani all’Estero) (Italian only)

Fines due to traffic violations in Italy

“Access to information and privacy” – Canadian rules and forms