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A.I.R.E. (Registry of Italians Living Abroad)

What is the A. I. R. E registry?

A.I.R.E., the Registry of Italians Living Abroad, was established under law n. 470 of October 27, 1988 and is a database relating to Italian citizens living abroad for more than 12 months. Its is managed by the Italian Municipalities based on the data and information provided by the Consular offices abroad. Registration in A.I.R.E is a right/duty (art. 6 law n. 470/1988) and is the requisite based on which one may request a number of services provided by the Consular offices abroad, such as the issuance of travel and identity documents (passports and identity cards), as well as the possibility to exercise important rights, such as the right to vote in political elections and referendums.

Registration in the Registry of Italians Living Abroad (AIRE)

Registration in A.I.R.E. will follow a request made to a Consulate by an adult Italian citizen within 90 days of transferring into its jurisdiction. Said registration occurs concurrently with the cancellation from the Register of the Resident Population (A.P.R.) of the Comune of origin in Italy.

You may register in AIRE or change your address through the FAST IT portal.

What is Fast It:

Fast It (Farnesina Servizi Telematici per Italiani/e all’estero) is a web portal created by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, which allows Italian citizens living abroad to obtain certain consular services without needing to attend in person at the Consulate.

How to access Fast It:

You may access Fast It by clicking HERE.

If you are accessing the web portal for the first time and you do not have an account, first of all you must create one. Click on “Registration”, insert your email address and choose a password, following the instructions indicated in the portal.

The next step is to fill out the form with your personal information, including the city which you reside in abroad. Once these steps have been completed, you will receive a confirmation email with an activation link which you must click. If you not receive this email, please check your junk mail or spam.

Once your registration has been completed, you may request the service you require. We suggest you access the portal from a computer and not from a smartphone. Please also ensure that you have access to a printer and scanner.

How to request registration in AIRE:

From the homepage, click “Consular and AIRE registry” and then “Request the registration in the Registry of Italian citizens residing abroad (AIRE)”.

After login in with your username and password, enter the following:

  • Personal identifying information (name, date and place of birth);
  • Address, telephone number and email;
  • Parents’ information;
  • Marital status (if married, include date and place of marriage);
  • Education level and profession;
  • Other citizenships;
  • Year of first emigration and date of arrival in the Consular jurisdiction;
  • Last place of residence in Italy;
  • Other family members living at the same address (spouse and/or children), as well as, minor children living at a separate address).

It will also be necessary for you to upload the following supporting documentation to the portal:

  • copy of a valid Italian passport or Carta d’Identita’ for yourself and any family members living at the same address, as well as for minor children living at a separate address). If Italian documents are not available, you may include foreign valid photo ID;
  • proof of address (Canadian driver’s licence/utility bills, property tax bill, etc.);
  • copy of the Canadian study visa/work visa/Permanent Resident Card or Certificate of Canadian Citizenship (applicable only to those not born in Canada).

We suggest that you scan the copies of all the passports in one attachment and in another the proof of address and Canadian residency authorization. The system will reject any attachment larger than 1.0 MB (or 1024KB).

How to view your registry personal file:

From “Consular and AIRE registry”, choose the second option “View your registry personal file”. If you are already registered in AIRE this will allow you to verify whether the information in the Consular database is complete and correct, and if necessary, request an update.

Please be aware that to request a change of address you must use the appropriate function (see below). Once you have reviewed your registry personal file, if needed, you must request the update of your address by clicking on “Notify the change of address”.

How to notify a change of address:

In “Consular and AIRE registry”, the third option “Notify the change of address”, allows you to notify a change of address within the same Consular jurisdiction or a transfer to another Consular jurisdiction (for example from Toronto to Barcelona).

The following documents will be required:

  • Valid photo ID; and,
  • Documentation to prove residency in the consular jurisdiction (for example, certificate of residency issued by the local authority, residency permit, foreign identity card, residential utility bills, etc.).
  • At this stage, you may download, print, sign and scan “Notify the change of address” (required).


As specified in Legislative Decree n. 76/2020, in order to access the “Fast It” portal for Consular services or for the online services provided by government and participating private institutions, it will be necessary to use the SPID (Public Digital Identity System) credentials.

The “Milleproroghe” Decree (combined provision) has extended the term for the issuance exclusively by government offices of the SPID and CIE credentials for citizen identification and access to online services until December 31, 2022.

Those who already have credentials other than SPID or CIE may continue to use them until March 31, 2023.

This extension will allow all users to continue accessing the Fast It portal with their own credentials, following the usual procedures and without the need for SPID.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of requesting and using SPID for online identity purposes given its simple and secure features. SPID (Public Digital Identity System) allows you to access the online services of government and participating private institutions with just two personal credentials (i.e. username and password).

Simple and secure, SPID may be used from any device: computer, tablet and smartphone, whenever you see on a webpage or service app the selection “Entra con SPID” (Enter with SPID).


If it is not possible for you to use the Fast It portal and you wish to register in A.I.R.E. or comunicate your transfer from another consular jurisdiction, it will be necessary for you to fill out, date and sign the form Request the registration in the Registry of Italian citizens residing abroad (AIRE) and email it to

The form, which must be sent individually by every adult Italian citizen, must be accompanied by a scanned copy of the same documentation required for registration using the Fast It portal indicated above, or more specifically:

  • Photocopy of valid Italian photo ID for yourself and each member of your family living at the same address and for minor children living at a separate address (passport or identity card), on which the photo, signature, personal information and document number are clearly visible;
  • proof of stable and legal residence abroad (driver’s licence, work contract, residential utility bills, property tax bill, etc.);
  • copy of the Canadian study or work visa/Permanent Resident Card or Certificate of Canadian Citizenship (applicable only to those not born in Canada).

To notify a change of address within the same consular jurisdiction, it is necessary that you complete, date and sign the form Notify the change of address and email it to, together with a scanned copy of the following documents:

  • valid Italian passport of applicant and any family members living at the same address (if Italian documents are not available, valid foreign ID will be accepted);
  • Proof of the new place of residence, showing the updated address (for example, driver’s licence, work contract, residential utility bills, property tax bills, etc.).

Please note that children over the age of 18 must send their own request for a change of address, even if they are living at the same address.


Registration in AIRE is free of charge. If you are not registered in A.I.R.E. you will not be able to request a number of services offered by the Consular offices, nor will you be able to exercise certain important rights such as:

  • obtaining a new passport;
  • requesting the registration of vital statistics records and obtaining the issuance of certificates;
  • renewing your Italian driver’s licence;
  1. voting in political elections and referendums by mail from the country in which you are residing.

If your information is not up to date, especially if there is a change in your address, it will not be possible for us to contact you nor will you receive your voting card or electoral envelope in case of an election.


Updated May 11, 2023