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Vehicles and driving Licenses


In Ontario you are allowed to drive with a valid Italian driver’s licence for three months, following which a Canadian driver’s licence is required. To obtain a Canadian driver’s licence you must pass a driving exam (it is not possible to convert directly from an Italian driver’s licence to a Canadian one). In addition, you are allowed to drive in Ontario for up to one year with an international driver’s licence which may only be issued in Italy.


The Canadian authority responsible for the issuance of driver’s licences in Ontario is the Ministry of Transportation.

For information please contact: Driver and Vehicle Licensing: 416-235-2999 o 1-800-387-3445 or refer to the webpages and

When switching from an Italian driver’s licence to a foreign one, it is often the case that the local authorities will request related information or certifications.The Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti (the Italian ministry of infrastructure and transportation) has highlighted certain practical issues in relation to both types of requests.

If a foreign government asks for a certification in relation to an Italian driver’s licence, the above mentioned Ministry has indicated that Consular offices cannot issue any such certification, given that only the central Italian authorities or one of the Uffici della Motorizzazione Civile (satellite driver and vehicle licensing offices) are authorized to do so.

Therefore, in order to obtain such a certification, it will be necessary for you to submit the applicable form to one of the aforementioned Offices, either in person or through a proxy (if you are unable to travel to Italy, you may use the services of an Agenzia pratiche auto (automobile documentation agency) or trusted person), together with documentation showing that related government fees owed have been paid (as required by law).

Given that the certification is not connected with your place of residency, nor with the Ufficio della Motorizzazione Civile (driver and vehicle licensing office) which issued your driver’s licence, you may submit your request to any Ufficio della Motorizzazione Civile (driver and vehicle licensing office) in Italy.

In order to make the certification issued by the Italian Ufficio della Motorizzazione Civile (driver and vehicle licensing office) valid for use in Canada, it will be necessary to have the document legalized first by the Prefettura and then the Canadian Embassy in Italy. Once legalized, the certification must be translated into English by an ATIO translator ( ).

“CONVALIDA” OF AN ITALIAN DRIVER’S LICENCE                                                           

An Italian driver’s licence, whether valid or expired, cannot be renewed, it can only be replaced with a new one.
Driver’s licences which are about to expire (4 months) or expired no more than 5 years, may be “confirmed” by this Consulate through a document known as “convalida” (validation); said document will prevent your driver’s licence from becoming null and void until you are able to travel to Italy and apply for a new one.


You are eligible to apply for a “convalida” only if you are registered in AIRE or if you can prove that you have been residing abroad for at least the past 6 months.


You may send your request for a “convalida” of your driver’s licence by mail to:

Consulate General of Italy in Toronto

136 Beverley Street

Toronto, ON, M5T 1Y5

We recommend that you use an express mail service such as Canada XpressPost. Please make sure to include all the following documents in original:

  • application form (modulo), duly completed and signed
  • expired or expiring Italian driver’s licence (original)
  • a 35×45 mm photo
  • proof of current address (Canadian driver’s licence, utility bill or recent bank statement)
  • doctor’s certificate recently issued (no more than 3 months old) by one of the Consulate-approved physicians
  • if you are not registered in AIRE, copy of the entry stamp in your passport or airline ticket and proof of residency in this consular jurisdiction
  • money order payable to the Consulate General of Italy in Toronto, for the relevant amount (art. 66N plus “imposta di bollo”). The amount varies every trimester, make sure you are paying the correct amount.
  • a pre-addressed and pre-paid return envelope so that we can return your documents and the “convalida” to your residence.

If one of the aforesaid documents is missing, your request will not be processed. The same applies if we assess that based on your documents you are not eligible for the service.

If you are planning on moving back to Italy, kindly note that within 6 months of your return to Italy you must contact the “Ufficio della Motorizzazione Civile” of your Municipality to renew your driver’s licence, irrespective of the validity of the Consulate’s “convalida”.

Please note that when you are abroad, a new driver’s licence, even in cases of theft/loss/damage, may be requested only from the relevant Ufficio della Motorizzazione Civile (driver and vehicle licensing office), depending on your Comune (Municipality in Italy) of residency (registration or AIRE):

– in person (even during a brief visit in Italy);

– through a proxy;

– using the services of an Agenzia pratiche auto (automobile documentation agency).


A validation or “convalida” is issued for the holder’s period of stay abroad, with the following limitations:

• category A and B driving licenses = 10 years for under 50s and 5 years for over 50s

• category C driving licenses = 5 years for under 70s and 3 years for over 70s

• category D driving licenses = 5 years and valid only up to 65 years

• category E driving licenses = v. category B, C and D driving licenses

• special category A, B and C driving licenses cannot be renewed abroad

Last update 10/04/2022