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“Codice fiscale” (Italian social insurance number or Tax Code)

The “codice fiscale” is a personal identification number (similar to the Canadian social insurance number), which is assigned by the Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian taxation office), and serves to identify every Italian citizen (or non-Italian citizen) in their dealings with Italian government offices and agencies, no matter where they reside.

The “codice fiscale” is necessary for all fiscal or legal transactions (including the issuance of notarial deeds such as a power of attorney), and is valid for the holder’s lifetime.

The “codice fiscale”, which is made up of 16 characters referring to the person’s last name, first name, year, month and day of birth, sex and place of birth, may be requested through this Consulate General.

If you reside within this Consular jurisdiction and wish to obtain a “codice fiscale”, you may apply:

a) by regular mail, providing a self-addressed and pre-paid return envelope along with your coplete application to the Consulate General of Italy in Toronto, 136 Beverley Street, M5T 1Y5, Toronto (ON), or

b) by e-mail, sending your complete application to the address:

In either case, a complete application must include:

– the application form(modulo AA4/8 ENG link will open in a new tab) duly completed and signed;

– your valid photo ID;

– your birth certificate, to confirm your particulars;

– your marriage certificate (this applies especially in case of married women with a photo ID in which only the married name appears);

– a document proving that the applicant resides in this consular jurisdiction (utility bill, bank account , lease agreement, etc.).

Please note, that Italian legislation requires that the “codice fiscale” be issued with the particulars indicated on the applicant’s birth certificate. If a married woman applies for an Italian codice fiscale and she has changed her last name to adopt that of her spouse, the Italian codice fiscale will still be based on her last name at birth.

If you are requesting a “codice fiscale” on behalf of another person, that person’s authorization is also required.

If you are requesting a “codice fiscale” for a minor, valid photo ID for one of the parents is also required.

If you are requesting a “codice fiscale” for a person who is deceased, both the death certificate of the deceased and your valid photo ID are also required.

This Consulate General cannot issue a laminated card with a “codice fiscale”, we only issue paper certificates.
To apply for a laminated card you must contact directly the “Agenzia delle Entrate” in Italy.

If you lose your “codice fiscale”, you may request a copy thereof from this Consulate by submitting the same above mentioned


Updated on 12/06/2023