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Notary Services

Based on the current Italian legislation (D. Lgs. 71/2011), notary services of this Consulate General are provided only to Italian nationals who are permanently or temporarily abroad.

Dual citizens must show a valid Italian document in order to apply for notary services at this Consulate.

Foreign nationals shall refer to a Lawyer or Notary Public in Canada if they need a notarial deed of any kind to be asserted in Italy (click here for a List of Lawyers whose signature is on file at the Consulate). Subsequently, the notarial deed will have to be legalized by this Consulate in order to be valid in Italy. For more information, click here.

Notarial deeds formed at this Consulate General are valid only in the territory of the Italian Republic and Italian diplomatic-consular missions. An Italian citizen who is in Canadian territory and needs to sign a notarial deed to be enforced in Canada or in Third Countries must contact a lawyer/notary public in Canada.

At the aforesaid conditions, we provide the following services:

  • Issue of Special or General Power of Attorney

The service is provided exclusively by appointment (applicants must send an e-mail to, and only to Italian citizens .

It is always necessary to send a draft of the power of attorney drawn up by an Italian notary/lawyer, in an editable format (MS Word, RTF), along with the request for an appointment, to the following email address:

If you apply for notarial services at this Consulate, you must be fluent in Italian as all notarial deeds will be drawn up and read out in Italian language and we must be sure that you fully understand their content. 

For more information on specific types of Power of Attorney, kindly check the Italian webpage of this website related to “Servizi Notarili“.

In case of urgency, it is recommended to contact a lawyer/notary public operating in this consular district (list of lawyers/notaries whose signature is on file at the Consulate) and follow the legalization procedures indicated here.

We have a limited number of appointments available and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accomodate urgent requests.

Italian citizens who wish to formalize a power of attorney at this Consulate General must show up in person at the Consulate, upon making an appointment (, equipped with:

– valid Italian ID (passport or identity card);
– Codice fiscale (if you do not have a codice fiscale, click here)

Applicants must provide data relating to their registered residence and marital status. A copy of the attorney’s identity document and codice fiscale will be required as well.

Additional information or documents may be requested depending on the type of Power of Attorney.