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Passport for Adult Applicants (18 and above)

Before applying, please read carefully all the information provided below. 

Passport for adults (18 and above)

Appointments for passport service must be booked through the online system Prenot@mi.

You can also book an appointment to file an application for a new passport with our Honorary Vice Consulates (currently: Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Sarnia, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg). The Honorary Vice Consul will receive your application and take care of acquiring your biometrics (fingerprints, photo, signature). Honorary Vice Consuls receive applications of those who are residents of their respective jurisdictions. For information on jurisdictions and contact details of the Honorary Network, click here.

NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: The 2024 Calendar is available on the web portal Prenot@mi. “70Plus” and Emergency services remain active. For further information, click here. For information on how to book your passport appointment through Prenot@mi, click here.

At the Consulate General of Italy in Toronto, passports are generally issued on the same day of the appointment, shortly after acquiring biometric data of the applicant, unless there are impediments. 

The “express” issue of passports is possible only if the applicant is registered with AIRE with an updated residence address in this consular jurisdiction (Manitoba, North Western Territories and Ontario with some exceptions indicated below).

Passports for adult applicants are valid for 10 years.

In order to apply for a passport appointment with this Consulate you must be:

  • an Italian citizen
  • registered with AIRE with an updated residence address in this consular district.

The consular jurisdiction of this Consulate consists of: Manitoba, the North West Territories and Ontario, with some exceptions. For the city of Ottawa and the counties of Carleton, Dundas, Glengarry, Grenville, Prescott, Russel and Stormont it is necessary to contact the Embassy of Italy in Ottawa.

If you are a resident of another consular jurisdiction, or if you reside in Italy, this Consulate must contact the relevant Consular Office or Police Headquarters in Italy and receive authorization to issue your document, with consequent longer waiting times.


On the day of the appointment booked through Prenot@mi, the applicant must attend the Consulate for fingerprinting and in order to submit the documentation indicated below.


  • Two front-facing identical colored photos on a white background, 35X45mm (head size must be between 32 and 35 mm from the chin to the crown of the head), taken within the past 6 months – Click here to see the specimen (the background of the picture should always be white and solid colour).
  • Previous Italian passport (even if expired) or, if it is the first Italian passport, another valid passport.
  • If your Italian passport is expired, dual citizens must bring another valid passport. Permanent Residents must bring their PR card, even if it is expired.
  • Canadian driver’s license or other proof of current address (ex. utility bill or Ontario Photo Card).
  • You must submit the passport application form, duly filled out and signed by you. If you are a parent of minor children, you must fill out also Section B of the aforesaid application form, in order to declare  that you are not the recipient of any passport-inhibiting Court order. WOMEN’S LAST NAME: after marriage, Italian women continue to keep their maiden last name for passports and identity documents. On page 4 of the Italian passport, if requested, the husband’s last name can be added.

*Parents of minor children

Under the provisions of art. 20 of Decree Law No. 69 of June 13, 2023, as of June 14, 2023, for the issuance of a passport in favor of a parent with minor children, the applicant must declare the absence of any passport-inhibiting orders.

A passport-inhibiting order is a measure taken by the court, which may inhibit the issuance of a passport to a parent with minor children, when there is a concrete and current risk that, due to the move abroad, he or she may evade the fulfillment of his or her obligations to the children. An application for an injunction or passport-inhibiting order shall be made by appeal to the ordinary court of the place where the minor has his or her habitual residence. If the child is resident abroad, the application shall be brought before the court of the place of last residence in Italy or the court in whose district his or her municipality of AIRE registration is located.

The parent of minor children must carefully fill out also Section B of the passport application form