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Applying for passport in case of proven emergency



In case of proven emergency, which will be assessed by the head of the Passport Office, an Italian citizen registered with AIRE in the jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Italy in Toronto may send an email to, indicating in the subject “PASSPORT REQUEST EMERGENCY PROCEDURE“.

The applicant must describe their case, with supporting documentation attached, as indicated below.

If the case described falls into one of the emergency cases listed below, the applicant will be contacted by the Consulate and, as an exception, provided with an appointment on the same day of the request or, in any case, within a maximum of 3 days from the request (service available only on working days).

On the day of the appointment, the applicant must attend the Consulate with all the necessary documents (listed above on this page).

Those applying for an emergency passport will need to pay an emergency fee in addition to the normal passport fee. Please check the correct fee here.

The following may be considered as emergency:

– Serious family or health reasons, certified by the relevant healthcare facilities or authorities (no health-related details required). All documents must be written in or translated into Italian or English. Applicants must also submit flight booking or travel ticket;

-Urgent work-related reasons, supported by a reasoned request – signed by a senior manager – which must include their name, position and telephone number, and written on company headed paper. Applicants must also submit flight booking or travel ticket;

– Imminent expiry date of both PR Card and Italian passport.

Please note that the emergency procedure does NOT apply to the applicant’s family members (exception may apply depending on the assessment of each case).

Dual citizens (Italian and Canadian) who wish to travel to Italy may do so with their Canadian passport as well.

The following ARE NOT accepted:

– Generic letters or communications which do not clearly indicate the need to return to Italy for assistance to a family member, or for other official commitments or for serious reasons;

– Airline tickets or letters from relatives, acquaintances, etc only;

– Proof of urgent work-related commitments reported only in messages received via email or on mobile devices (chats and alike);

– Self-certification of the applicant on urgent/emergency situations not proven by adequate supporting documentation;

– School trips;

– Holiday bookings.

Only Italian citizens registered in AIRE with this Consulate may apply for the emergency passport service.