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Passaport for minor children (0 – 3 years of age)

Before applying, please read carefully all the information provided below. 

Parent(s) must book pan appointment for passport service through the online system Prenot@mi.

You can also book an appointment to file an application for a new passport with our Honorary Vice Consulates (currently: Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Sarnia, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg).
Honorary Vice Consuls receive applications of those who are residents of their respective jurisdictions. For information on jurisdictions and contact details of the Honorary Network, click here.

NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: The 2024 Calendar is available on the web portal Prenot@mi. “70Plus” and Emergency services remain active. For further information, click here. For information on how to book your passport appointment through Prenot@mi, click here.

We do not collect fingerprints of children under 12 years of age, yet they must attend the Consulate (or the Honorary Vice Consulate) with their parent(s) for identification purposes. 

If a minor holds a passport of another Country, that document will help identifying them.

On average and provided that there are no impediments, passports are issued on the same day of the appointment.

This “express” service is available only if the applicant is registered with AIRE in the Consular jurisdiction of this Consulate (Manitoba, North Western Territories and Ontario with some exceptions indicated below).

In order to apply for a passport appointment with this Consulate you must be:

  • an Italian citizen
  • registered with AIRE with an updated residence address in this consular district.

The consular jurisdiction of this Consulate consists of: Manitoba, the North West Territories and Ontario, with some exceptions. For the city of Ottawa and the counties of Carleton, Dundas, Glengarry, Grenville, Prescott, Russel and Stormont it is necessary to contact the Embassy of Italy in Ottawa.

If you are a resident of another consular jurisdiction, or if you reside in Italy, this Consulate must contact the relevant Consular Office or Police Headquarters in Italy and receive authorization to issue your document, with consequent longer waiting times.

Passports for children aged between 0 to 3 are valid for 3 years.


On the day of the appointment booked through Prenot@mi, the applicant must submit all the documents indicated below.

Prior to applying for the first passport of your minor child, please ensure that their birth certificate has been registered formally with the Italian authorities (Municipality/Comune AIRE). In any case, if the birth certificate is NOT registered in Italy, parents will have to follow the procedure described here before applying for passport.

  • Two front-facing identical colored photos on a white background, 35X45mm (head size must be between 32 and 35 mm from the chin to the crown of the head), taken within the past 6 months – Click here to see the specimen (background should be always white and solid colour).
  • Previous Italian passport or if it is the first Italian passport, another valid photo ID (preferably a passport). Dual citizens must bring their Canadian passport.
  • Canadian driver’s license of the parents or other proof of current address (ex. utility bill or Ontario Photo Card).
  • You must submit the passport application form, duly filled out and signed by both parents. Please read carefully the information on the other parent’s consent provided below.
  • Parents must bring their own Italian or foreign passaport on the day of the appointment.


To apply for their children’s passport, applicants must obtain the other parent’s consent  even if separated, estranged, divorced, common law or in case of adoption.

If the other parent is an EU national, it will be sufficient to sign the application form and enclose a photocopy of his/her passport or valid photo ID (include page with signature) of the EU country of citizenship.

On the other hand, if the other parent is not an EU national, they must attend in person with their passport to sign the consent form. The signature must be authenticated by an officer at the Consulate General or an Honorary Vice Consul and the authentication is subject to consular fees (Art. 24 – Click here to see Consular Fee). As an alternative, it is also possible to have the signature authenticated by a lawyer/notary public, in which case the lawyer/notary public signature must be apostilled.

If the other parent’s consent cannot be obtained, a Decreto del Giudice tutelare signed by the Consul General acting as Judge supervising a guardianship will be issued.
The relevant application form MUST BE SENT BY POST to the attention of the Passport Office of the Consulate General of Italy, 136 Beverley Street, M5T 1Y5, Toronto, ON, or hand-delivered on the day of the appointment.

Please be aware that if you hand-deliver the application form for a Decreto del Giudice Tutelare (Consular Decree), your passport will not be issued on the same day of the appointment and you will have to allow for extra-time in processing your application.
The Consulate will have to attempt to contact the non-applying parent and will assess the application based on the best interest of the child.
The Consul General in Toronto acts as a Judge supervising a guardianship for minors residing and registered in the Toronto consular jurisdiction (Manitoba, Northwest Territories and most of Ontario with some exceptions listed above).

If one of the parents is deceased, their original death certificate must be submitted to the Consulate.