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National Visas

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need to request a National Visa and you landed to this page directly from an internet search, please stop reading now, and go to the main page of the Visas Section which contains very important information about the process to request a Visa in this Consulate General.

If you need to stay for more the 90 days in Italy (only) you need a NATIONAL VISA. In this case, you do not need ANY online appointment.

The Consulate can ONLY accept visa applications lodged by legal residents (Canadians, PR Card holders, Work/Study visa holders) in the jurisdiction of the Consulate, which includes the Provinces of Ontario (except for the city of Ottawa and the Carleton, Dundas, Glengarry, Grenville, Prescott, Russel, and Stormont counties under the jurisdiction of the Italian Embassy in Ottawa), Manitoba and the Northwest Territories.

Please send all necessary documents (see below), including a money order or bank draft for due consular fees payable to the Consulate General of Italy in Toronto and a prepaid and pre-addressed XpressPost envelope, by mail to the Visa Office at the address below.

Consulate General of Italy
136 Beverley St.
Toronto M5T 1Y5

Please be aware that the Consulate does not take responsibility for applications, passports or money order / bank draft lost by the postal service.

Requirements for most requested National Visas

Kindly choose the relevant item from the “navigate this section” menu.


Please refer to the fees dedicated page

If you cannot find the appropriate type of national visa for your travel purpose, additional information available in various languages, including English, can be found at the official site of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation at the following link:


  • Your passport will be returned to you using the prepaid and preaddressed Canada XpressPost envelope you MUST send with the application.
  • Consular Visa fees (non-refundable) are to be paid in Canadian dollars. They vary depending upon the type of visa, duration of stay and exchange rate.
  • Keep in mind that border authorities may in any case refuse entry to a foreign national who does not meet all requirements.
  • Consular fees to an accepted visa application cannot be reimbursed, including in case of refusal.
  • Be informed that applications are individual: we do not accept group applications (exception can be made for families travelling together) or applications presented by third parties.
  • Appointments are always free; intermediaries who claim to be able to get or cancel appointments on your behalf are scamming you.
  • Read carefully the information provided on this website and make sure to send all the documents needed.
  • Please keep the amount of printed documents to a minimum. A visa application should consist of  15/20 pages at most. Use front/back printing when possible. In specific cases, we may ask for further documents not normally listed: unless expressly asked for, however, you do not have to provide copies of documents that are not listed.
  • Incomplete applications sent by post cannot be processed and will be returned to the sender. You may, however, resubmit a complete application.
  • Within eight (8) working days of entry into Italy, the foreign national must fulfil the obligations of the laws on residence in the territory of the State by submitting a request for a Residence Permit relevant to the purpose of the visa. Procedures are indicated here: “Types of Visas”. Select the type of National Visa you wish to apply for by clicking on the button “types of visas”.