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Visa for Minors

Minor applicants: Additional requirements

Irrespective of the type of visa, if the applicant is a minor, please find below the list of additional documents:

  • A declaration granting permission to travel – signed by parents or legal guardian/s not accompanying the minor in Italy- and a declaration of assuming financial responsibility for the trip signed by parent/s or legal guardian/s; signatures must be duly certified by a notary and must be accompanied by a copy of a valid photo I.D of signing parent/s or legal guardian/s.
    If one or both parents live abroad, they/he/she must sign the authorization at the Italian Consulate of their/his/her Country of residence (Parental consent and financial support form).
    The parent assuming financial responsibility must also submit a recent letter of employment and his/her last three months bank statements.
  • Assumption of responsibility for a minor signed by the person that takes responsibility for the minor during his/her stay in Italy (Assumption of responsibility for the minor) with copy of his/her photo ID document attached (in case of person without Italian citizenship, copy of his/her Italian permanent residence permit, ‘’ Permesso di soggiorno’’)
  • The visa application form must be signed by parent/s or legal guardian/s