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Efforts Started to Improve the Citizenship by Descent Service

Italian Citizenship by descent

The Consulate General of Italy in Toronto is engaging in a vast effort to improve the “Italian citizenship by descentapplication procedure, with the aim of freeing slots and make a new, more efficient calendar available as soon as possible.

Against this background, applicants for citizenship by descent who have already booked an appointment through Prenot@mi  between September 2023 and March 2024 (to be followed by those having booked in the period April – December 2024) will receive an email from the Consulate, with a suggested date for a new (earlier!) appointment.
Applicants are strongly encouraged to accept the newly scheduled EARLIER appointment.

Some applicants have already received such email, some others are going to receive it in the coming weeks.
If you have booked an appointment via Prenot@mi for citizenship by descent services, kindly check your registered email on a regular basis.

Failing to respond to an email from the Consulate may result in an appointment cancellation.

This present effort is indicating that MANY users with a booked appointment are no longer interested in it or do not have the required documents or have booked by mistake a “citizenship by descent” appointment.

If you have booked your appointment through Prenot@mi for citizenship by descent services but you are no longer interested, please cancel it directly on Prenot@mi.

This will help us free slots and provide a better service to the many users who, in the past months, have expressed their willingness to apply but were also frustrated with the lack of available appointments.

Help us to help you. The ongoing effort is the first step towards a more efficient appointment calendar for citizenship by descent applicants (which will be available as soon as possible).


  • Applications for citizenship by MARRIAGE FOLLOW A TOTALLY DIFFERENT PROCEDURE (click here for more information)

  • If you ARE ITALIAN,  your MINOR son/daughter IS ALREADY AN ITALIAN CITIZEN, but you must register his/her BIRTH CERTIFICATE, following the procedure indicated hereIf you fail to register their birth certificate before your children become of age (18 years), they will have to apply for citizenship by descent.