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Citizenship through marriage/civil union


New regulation relating to the acquisition of Italian citizenship based on marriage/civil union to an Italian citizen (art. 5 Italian Citizenship Act n. 91 of February 5, 1992)

Art. 9.1 of Italian Citizenship Act n. 91 of February 5, 1992 has been modified. It is now mandatory for applicants wishing to acquire Italian citizenship based on either article 5 or 9 of the aforementioned Citizenship Act to have an adequate knowledge of the Italian language at a B1 (QCER) level.

Language proficiency must be proved by submitting one of the following documents:

– a diploma issued by an Italian public educational institution or equivalent institution, or
– a certificate issued by one of the certifying bodies belonging to the system known as CLIQ-Certificazione Lingua Italiana di Qualita’ (Quality Italian Language Certification) which are listed here below:

– the University of Siena for Foreigners
– the University of Perugia for Foreigners
– the University of Roma Tre
– the Dante Alighieri Society

Currently, only certificates at the B1 level issued by one of the above mentioned certifying bodies, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute, may be considered valid.

Non-Italians residing within the jurisdiction of this Consulate General may take the B1 level Italian language certification exam at the Italian Cultural Institute in Toronto, exam venue for the CILS (Certificate of Italian as a Foreign Language) of the University of Siena for Foreigners.

Exams are held twice yearly (June and December) based on the calendar of the University of Siena for Foreigners, which is responsible for preparing and marking the exams. The University calendar and information related to the exam are available on the webpage of the University of Siena for Foreigners:

To take part in the exam at the Italian Cultural Institute in Toronto you will be required to register at least 40 days in advance of the scheduled date of the B1 exam and pay a registration fee of $350.

For exam scheduling information and payment of the registration fee please contact the Italian Cultural Institute in Toronto (Tel. 416-921-3802).



An application for Italian citizenship through marriage/civil union must be submitted online by the applicant via the web portal of the Italian Ministry of the Interior.

The above-mentioned procedure does not apply to women who acquired Italian citizenship automatically when they married an Italian citizen before April 27, 1983, in which case, an appointment may be set up directly with this Consulate online.

Before submitting the online application via the portal of the Italian Ministry of Interior, the applicant should contact this Consulate at: to request an appointment for the verification of the original documents and the payment of the applicable consular fees.

The non-Italian spouse (male or female) of an Italian citizen who wishes to acquire Italian citizenship may submit application if:
1. He/she resides within this Consular jurisdiction;
2. He/she has been married to/in a civil unioni with an Italian citizen for at least 3 years (or 18 months if the couple has a child together, even if adopted). Please note that the couple must continue to be married right up to the day that the applicant is to be sworn in as an Italian citizen, which may take approximately 4 years from the date of application.


1) Once you have gathered and finalized the documentation as listed below, please email this Consulate at (specifying in the subject line “Appointment for citizenship through marriage”) to set an appointment to verify the original documents and make payment of the applicable consular fees.

2) Register on the web portal of the Italian Ministry of the Interior. The applicant will start by registering on the web portal of the Italian Ministry of the Interior. After registering, the applicant will access the web portal using the same credentials that were assigned during the registration process itself.
Please note that personal details (surname, name, date of birth) reported in the registration form must match exactly  the same information on the birth certificate (N.B: women must register with their maiden name).
In case of mistakes, the applicant must log in again, cancel the incorrect registration by choosing the option “Cancella la registrazione al portale”, and then proceed with a new registration.

3) Attach the following documentation:

 proving that the applicant has an adequate knowledge of the Italian language at a B1 (QCER) Level (as indicated in the above Notice)

 (if the applicant is not a Canadian citizen, please also include a work/study permit or Permanent Resident Card).

• ATTO INTEGRALE DI MATRIMONIO, long form marriage certificate issued by the Italian municipality where the marriage was registered. Request form

• LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE – Birth certificates (Certified Copy of Registration of Birth) issued in Ontario, Manitoba and the North West Territories must be translated into Italian by one of the translators listed with this Consulate. For information relating to the translation and legalization of birth certificates not issued in Ontario, Manitoba or the North West Territories, please contact the Italian Embassy or Consulate of jurisdiction.

• CERTIFICATE OF “NO CRIMINAL RECORD” issued by the country of origin, and by any other country of residence since the age of 14. Said certificates must be translated into Italian and validated by the Italian Embassy or Consulate of the country in which they were issued.

N.B.: If the applicant is female, the certificate of no criminal record must include both the maiden and married names. In accordance with Italian legislation, a certificate of no criminal record is valid for up to six months from the date of issue.

The Canadian Police Clearance Certificate must be requested from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Headquarters in Ottawa:
1) Apply for a “Certified Criminal Record Check with Fingerprints”, which will contain the digital fingerprints of the applicant. (Click here for additional information and application form)
2) the document must be translated into Italian by one of the translators listed with this Consulate.

• RECEIPT OF PAYMENT of € 250 (new fee as of Oct. 05, 2018) to be paid as follows:
By international wire transfer, net of surcharges, to the bank account of “Poste Italiane”, Viale Europa 175, Roma – Account n. IT54D0760103200000000809020 in favour of Ministero dell’Interno – Dipartimento per le Liberta’ Civili e l’Immigrazione – CITTADINANZA – Piazza del Viminale, 1 – 00184 ROMA.
The “Reason for currency payment” box must specify the name and surname of the applicant (maiden name for women).
The SWIFT code for wire transfers is BPPIITRRXXX (if the bank is having problems with the last three letters (XXX), these may be omitted altogether, their purpose is to identify branch offices, and in this case, the account in question is with the main office in Rome).

• “STAMP DUTY“ FEE (MARCA DA BOLLO) When completing the citizenship application on the web portal, the applicant must indicate the reference number confirming the wire transfer of 16 euros to the bank account of the Banca D’Italia – IBAN IT07Y0100003245348008120501.

When the applicant is contacted to attend in person and submit the original documents he/she will be required to pay the Consular fees for the authentication and legalization of some of the documents. Payment is to be made in Canadian dollars.


Documents should be checked very carefully for discrepancies in the personal details. If the initial online application has any irregularities, is incomplete or has errors/discrepancies in the personal details, the applicant will be asked to have the documentation corrected by a given deadline. If the applicant fails to meet the requirements, the Consulate may deem the application inadmissible.