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Sotto una buona stella (under a lucky star)



Sotto una buona stella (under a lucky star)

On Thursday, February 4th, join Two Michelin-starred Chef Pino Cuttaia of Sicily's La Madia as he collaborates with Chef Rob Gentile as part of the spectacular cultural and culinary series 'Sotto una buona stella' (Under a lucky star). Following the success of three previous dinners featuring some of Italy's most notable chefs, Toronto welcomes Chef Cuttaia for the first dinner of 2016 at Buca Osteria & Bar in Yorkville. Proceeds from the dinner will go towards George Brown College, Centre for Hospitality & Culinary Arts.

'Sotto una buona stella' (Under a lucky star) is a 6-part series showcasing and celebrating Italy's rich culinary patrimony. This one-time culinary experience with Chef Pino Cuttaia is the fourth of this unique series. Chef Cuttaia's passion for regional cuisine has led him to reinvent classic Sicilian dishes, elevating them through the sophistication of his culinary talent while maintaing their true identity. His family run restaurant La Madia, has inspired a growth in tourism in the region and has received prestigious awards and accolades from the most important international food guides. Chef Cuttaia and his restaurant are recognized for exceptional food, preserving the region's traditions and for the contribution to an innovative culinary future.