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RAI News lands in Canada through an agreement with media giant ROGERS Communications



RAI News lands in Canada through an agreement with media giant ROGERS Communications
As of Thursday, March 1st RAI News is now broadcast in Canada thanks to an agreement signed with ROGERS Communications, Canada's most popular television provider.

Millions of Canadian subscribers, including hundreds of thousands of Italian origin, will now have access to 24-hour news from Italy and around the world, current affairs, politics, economics, entertainment, sports, breaking news, live broadcasts, press reports and in-depth articles, all of which will be available on channel 795 of Rogers Cable - Digital TV. The first Italian all-news channel will be available in Ontario for free preview for 3 months.

RAI News will then be paired with RAI International channel and a monthly subscription will be required in order to receive it.

The agreement, aimed at the distribution of RAI News in Canada, confirms the international commitment of RAI World to distributing RAI channels worldwide. RAI World will now focus on further expanding the geographical presence of RAI News by signing distribution contracts with other Canadian operators.


“For Italians living and working in Canada – commented Corradino Mineo, director of RAI Newsthis will be an essential tool to keep themselves up-to-date and in touch with our country, while for Canadians this will offer an opportunity to broaden their horizons by getting to know our country more closely and hear international news from a European perspective”.

“The agreement signed with Rogers Communications has a great strategic relevance for us – reported Claudio Cappon, CEO of RAI World as it strengthens our presence in North America. The independence and quality of the information offered by RAI News will certainly be well received by the Canadian audience”.