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Pensions: Certification of living state



Pensions: Certification of living state

During the month of October 2011 all the recipients of the Italian Pension have received a letter from I.N.P.S. asking them to certify their living state.

The procedure has been greatly simplified vis-à-vis the past. The recipients of the letter must fill the personalized form with the barcode received from the I.N.P.S and sign it in front of a representative of a “Ente di Patronato” or an official of Italian Consulate General.


In case the person can not going person due to medical reasons, the document can be also signed in front of a “Commissioner” (notary public, doctors, social assistant, etc). The signature of the latter must then be legalized by a representative from the Patronato or Italian Consulate, and the form must be returned in the pre addressed envelope received from I.N.P.S to the “Citibank”.

Please note that for the authentication of their signature the pension recipient will need to present a photo I.D (to enable their identification). The recipients of the letter will have time to execute this procedure until April 1st 2012.