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Message from the Consul General Eugenio Sgro'


Message from the Consul General Eugenio Sgro'

Dear fellow Italians, dear visitors,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Consulate General of Italy in Toronto.

The Italian community in our consular district is the largest and one of the most active in Canada, and it has become even more dynamic and articulated in recent years.

Following carefully the evolution of the Italian community, meeting its expectations, giving it support in its increasingly effective integration within the fabric of the host country's society are the main objectives that I have set in carrying out my mandate as Consul General in Toronto.

I am honored to take on this important role and I hope to make this Consulate General a point of reference not only for providing the traditional consular services, but also, and above all, for promoting Italy on an economic-commercial and cultural-linguistic level, through appropriate and constant coordination with all the actors of “Sistema Italia" operating in this consular district. I am referring, in particular, to the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC), the Education Office of the Consulate General, the Italian Trade Agency (ITA, Toronto Office), to the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario (ICCO), to the Nonprofit Agencies providing Italian language and culture courses in Toronto, Hamilton and Winnipeg, and finally the Italian Government Tourist Board (ENIT).

In order to pursue the important goal of promoting our country, I am sure I can count on you, dear fellow Italians. You represent the main resource that the “Sistema Paese" has abroad, as a vehicle for sharing those values that have always characterized our Italian spirit: family, respect for the elderly, solidarity. I am aware of how great your contribution has been to the development and growth of the country that has welcomed you, while showing loyalty to those values and traditions which have been wisely handed down to the new generations. And I will make sure to maintain and develop the most appropriate synergies between the players of “Sistema Italia" and the Italian community, which with its dynamism and versatility will constitute an undeniable added value for the activities that will be undertaken by this Consulate General.

In order to further facilitate communication with the Consulate General of Italy in Toronto, I encourage you to visit this website and follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages. The aim is to bring the institution as close as possible to the user, taking advantage not only of IT tools, which are indispensable nowadays, but also of constant and accurate information to the public. All this keeping in mind that the goal is to provide a more efficient service that responds promptly to the needs of all users.

I take this opportunity to express to you all, dear fellow Italians and dear friends of Italy, my best regards,

Eugenio Sgrò