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Driver's licences


Driver's licences

Driver's licenses


It is noted that in the current epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 the “ Decree Cura Italia “has ordered the extension of the validity of Italian driving licences until 31 August 2020.

Validity of Italian licences in Ontario (Canada)

In Ontario, driving with an Italian driver's license is permitted for a period of three months.

After this period, you must have a Canadian licence following examination (there is no conversion of Italian licences).

You can also drive, for one year, in Ontario with an international license that can only be issued in Italy.

Issuing a Canadian driver's license on the presentation of the Italian driver's license in the process of being valid
The Canadian Authority responsible for issuing driver's licenses is the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.
For information, please contact:
Driver and Vehicle Licensing: 416-235-2999 or 1-800-387-3445 or go to the and site.
It is common to find that, in cases of the conversion of the Italian driver's license into foreign driving licences, the local authorities require the holders of these licences information or certificates of information. The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has highlighted some practical details regarding both types of requests.
In the event that the Foreign State requires the user to provide a certificate containing the details of the Italian driver's license of which he owns, the Ministry has indicated that the Diplomatic-Consular Representatives cannot proceed to issue any claim, as they are only the Italian Central Authority or the Civil Motorization Offices.

Therefore, in order to obtain the certificate request, the document holder will have to submit, directly or through his own delegate (possibly, if unable to travel to Italy in person, turning to a car practice agency or a person of his own trust) , a special application with the above Offices with documentation attesting to the payment of stamp duty and the rights provided by the provisions of the law.

Since this certification activity is not linked to the applicant's place of residence or to the Office of Civil Motorization that issued the licence, the affected users will be able to contact any Motoring Office on the national territory.


Some rental car companies may require that the Italian driver's licence be translated into English.



Obtaining a Canadian driver's licence based on a valid Italian driver's licence

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is responsible for issuing driver’s licences in Ontario. For information please contact one of the Driver and Vehicle licencing offices (416-235-2999 or 1-800-387-3445 or check the webpages and ).

When converting an Italian driver’s licence to a foreign one, the local Authorities often require that the holder of the driver’s licence provide additional information and certification. The Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti (the Italian ministry of infrastructure and transportation) has indicated that Italian Embassies and Consulates are not authorized to issue such certifications, because it is only within the purview of the Italian motor vehicle licencing offices to do so.

Therefore, if you currently hold an Italian driver’s licence and require certifying documentation to obtain a Canadian driver’s licence, you must apply to one of the motor vehicle licencing offices in Italy either in person or through a proxy (i.e. a trusted friend or family member or an agency dealing with motor vehicle documentation) and pay the required fees. Please note that such an application may be made to any of the motor vehicle licencing offices in Italy, it does have to be the one that issued your driver’s licence.

In order to make the certification issued by the Italian motor vehicle office valid for Canada, it will be necessary to have
the document validated first by the “Prefettura” and then by the Canadian Embassy in Rome. Once validated,the document will have to be translated into Italian by an ATIO certified translator ( )


Renewal of Italian driver's licences

This Consulate General may renew Italian driver's licences provided that they have not been expired for more than three years or issued according to article 119, 2-bis and 4 of the Highway Code. The renewal period starts from the date indicated on the medical certificate (see the applicable form), which must be prepared by a doctor accredited by this Consulate (click here). 

Driver's licences of categories A and B will be renewed for 10 years if the holder is less than 50 years old, for 5 years if the holder is over 50 and for three years if the holder is over 70. Furthermore, special categories, such as C licences or driver's licences issued to disabled persons, may only be renewed for 5 years irrespective of the category. The consular fee to renew a driver's licence is composed of two components; a national fee applicable to all applications to government offices and the fee for consular declarations. To verify the amount please visit the Resources page of this website (this amount varies with the exchange rate). People who  repatriate to Italy are required to validate the renewal at  “Dipartimento per i trasporti, la navigazione e i sistemi informativi e statistici” or via an authorized Agency.


Non-EU driver's licences or international driving permits used in Italy

If you hold a driver's licence or an international driving permit issued by a foreign government that is not a member state of the European Union, you may use said licence or permit to drive in Italy for up to one year. If you stay for more that one year or establish your residence in Italy, you must apply for an Italian driver's licence. Please note that you are only allowed to drive the same type of vehicle in Italy for which the licence or permit was originally issued.


Updated on 09/04/2020