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Legal Office


Legal Office

Deals with the legalization (*) of the signature on the Special and General Powers of attorney (Procure Speciali e Generali) issued by the local lawyers whose signature is on file at Notary office.

In this regard, in order to have the aforementioned Powers of attorney legalized, you can contact one of the lawyers included in the list which you can find at the following link (List Of Layers)

Signatures of lawyers not included in this list must first be validated by the Authentication Section of the Global Affairs Canada (previously known as Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade), before being legalized by this Consulate.

This Notary Office will issue Special Powers of Attorney and General Powers of Attorney within 60 days from the date of request.

(*) The legalization is a necessary process to make sure that Italy’s legal system will recognize a document (e.g. (certifications, notarial deeds, private deeds, judicial rulings etc.) as having full legal effect. This process certifies the legal validity of the person who signed the document. It does not certify the validity of the document itself, nor its adherence to the local norms, nor is it a declaration of value or equivalence.

The Consulate of Italy will legalize the signature of public officials or professionals certified to practice activities of public nature (lawyers, notaries public, physicians, etc.) which authenticate Canadian documents to be sent to Italy, given that the signature is already on file at this Office.

In case the signature is not on file at this Consulate General yet, before submitting these documents to this Consulate, it is necessary that you refer to the specific information available on the website of the Global Affairs Canada in order to have the signature authenticated.

The legalization of the signature is subject to a consular fee (check the consular fee table here:Consular Fee  and must be paid in cash at the Consulate or through a money order made out to CONSOLATO GENERALE D’ITALIA TORONTO