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Reacquisition of citizenship


Reacquisition of citizenship

If you lost your Italian citizenship by naturalizing Canadian on or before August 15, 1992, and did not avail yourself of the opportunity to reacquire it while abroad between 1992 and 1997, you may still reacquire Italian citizenship by establishing residence in any Italian municipality and signing a statement of reacquisition at the local City Hall. The entire procedure takes place in the municipality in which you establish residence.

Before leaving it is recommended that you verify whether or not the Consulate has already notified your Italian municipality of birth or last place of residence of your Canadian naturalization. If this has not yet been carried out, you must submit to the Consulate your certificate of Canadian citizenship (“long form”, not the “wallet size” card), together with your birth certificate, expired Italian passport (if available) and valid Canadian passport. Download form. Please note that until the Italian municipality is notified of your Canadian status it will not be unable to proceed with your request to reacquire your Italian citizenship.

N.B.: If you wish for your minor children to acquire Italian citizenship as well, they must be present and reside with you in Italy during the process of reacquisition.

If, after having reacquired Italian citizenship, you re-establish residence in Canada and wish to be registered through this Consulate in the Registry of Italians Living Abroad (A.I.R.E.), it is recommended that, before leaving Italy, you obtain a certificate of Italian citizenship from your City Hall indicating the date on which your Italian citizenship was reinstated and the legislation on which this was based (i.e. Citizenship Act n. 91/1992 Art. 13 par. 1 (c)).


Updated on 27/01/2016