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Registering in A.I.R.E. (registry of Italians living abroad)

All Italian citizens, regardless of place of birth, residing or intending to reside within this Consular jurisdiction for more than 12 months, are obliged to register in A.I.R.E. (registry of Italians living abroad) within 90 days of arrival (Law n. 470/88). This may be done through the Consulate or one of the Honorary Vice Consulates or Consular Agents.

To register through the Consulate or to notify a change of address, simply complete and sign this form for yourself and family members, and submit it in person, by mail or e-mail (, together with:

• Copy of a valid piece of Italian photo ID for yourself and family members (passport or “Carta d’Identita’) (include page/s with photo, signature, personal information and document number);
• Copy of proof of address in Canada (i.e. driver’s licence, work contract, utility bill, property tax forms, etc.);
• Copy of study or work permit, or Permanent Resident Card, or Certificate of Canadian Citizenship (if you were not born in Canada).

Registration is free of charge.

Change of address

All Italian citizens living within this Consular jurisdiction and registered in A.I.R.E (registry of Italians living abroad) are required to notify the Consulate of any changes, such as:

• Address
• Citizenship
• Vital statistics (marriage, birth of children, etc.)
• Family makeup

Click here to download the change of address form

Registration in A.I.R.E. is a requirement necessary to obtain many of the documents and certificates which are issued by the Consulate (including a passport).

Updated on 27/01/2016