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Equivalence of education degrees


Equivalence of education degrees

Foreign educational qualifications are not automatically recognized in Italy. Foreign citizens interested in having their foreign educational qualifications recognized as equivalent in validity and effectiveness to the corresponding Italian ones (the whole process is known as "equipollenza" in Italy) can apply to the Consulate, as long as the qualifications were attained in officially recognized schools.

Italian citizens, on the other hand, must apply directly to an Italian Provveditorato agli Studi after having obtained a Statement of value from the Consulate.

Once the foreign educational qualifications have been declared equivalent to the corresponding Italian ones, they have legal validity in Italy; this means, for instance, that the qualified person has the right to participate to the competitive examinations announced by the Italian public administration, as long as he holds the Italian citizenship.

The documents that must be submitted to the Consulate in order to obtain a statement of value and the equivalence of the educational qualification are:

a) Original or duly officialized diploma or certificate, with the seal or embossed stamp of the school or university and signed in a readable way by the assigned officer;

b) Translation of the document into Italian, faithful and complying to the original text. The translation can be carried out by the person concerned or by a translator; the Consulate reserves the right to approve the translations presented by the applicant.