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Studying in Italy


Studying in Italy



Canadian educational qualifications are not automatically recognized in Italy due to the absence of a bilateral agreement on such matter.
The recognition of study qualifications - elementary school graduation certificates, secondary school diplomas or university degrees - is a prerogative of the Italian educational authorities, namely the Board of Education (Centro Servizi Amministrativi or C.S.A.) for the compulsory level (grades 1-8) and for high school diplomas, and of the academic authorities for university degrees.

To make the recognition possible, this Consulate General issues the "Statement of value" which provides a comprehensive description of the school or academic qualification acquired in Canada, the official status of the issuing institution, based on the local educational system. The Consular "Statement of value" has a "descriptive" rather than a "certifying" purpose and the recognition of the Canadian qualification is an exclusive prerogative of the relevant Italian authorities.

Statements of value can also be necessary to process applications for bursaries (this matter is coordinated by the Italian Embassy in Ottawa).

Applicants are requested to specify the reasons for the request of a statement of value and to fill out the relevant form.

This Consulate General also collects pre-registration applications to Italian Universities by foreign students residing in its territorial jurisdiction and issues declaration of equal values if necessary.

For further information as to pre-enrol in Italian Universities, applicants are required to visit the relevant section of the Ministry of Education website or directly the general website

For the Canadian families

The Canadian citizens who need to go to Italy and work there it is important to notify that the great majority of schools in Italy are public and by law they have to enrol all the students from the age of 6 to 19 anytime they arrive in the country.

The students will be accepted and included in classes according to their age. The school fee is voluntary, but at the secondary level all the textbooks are to be bought by each student.

It is advisable to refer to the local Ufficio Scolastico Territoriale (UST) to get to know about the nearest school to your residence. If you go to , the site of the Italian Ministry of Education, you can find the UST at provincial level.

In metropolitan areas there also international schools, but they are private.

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