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As of November 1, 2021, you must register with the new online appointment system Prenot@mi in order to book an appointment.

If no appointments are available, please check regularly the online system for freed slots after cancellations or non-confirmed bookings or enroll into the Waiting List option that will be presented by the system. The waiting list tool will inform you as a priority when a new slot becomes available. Kindly note that if you refuse to book the slot offered via the waiting list, you will be cancelled from it and will have to restart your booking procedure from the beginning.

Appointment calendar on Prenot@mi is open for a span of 30 days (if you log in today, you will see the availability of the next 30 days). Appointments are given on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Kindly note that the minor child/infant born of a parent (one or both) currently in possession of Italian citizenship is an Italian citizen. Therefore, the parent must not submit an application for recognition of Italian citizenship in favor of the minor/infant in order to subsequently apply for his/her passport, but will only have to send the request for registration of vital records (birth) to this Consulate General, as indicated here.


Please note that in order to apply for a passport at this Consulate, you must be registered in AIRE (Registry of Italian nationals living abroad), with your address in this jurisdiction (Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and Ontario with few exceptions listed under point 2 below).

If you are not registered in AIRE or you need to update your address, click on one of the links below.

(Change of Address Form)

(Vital Records Link)

To apply for an Italian passport you must be:

  1. An Italian citizen
  2. Registered at this Consulate General with your up-to-date address. The consular jurisdiction of this Consulate encompasses Manitoba, Northwest Territories and Ontario but, if you reside in the city of Ottawa or the Counties of Carleton, Dundas, Glengarry, Grenville, Prescott, Russel or Stormont, you have to apply to the Embassy of Italy in Ottawa.
    If you reside in Italy or in another Consular Jurisdiction and you apply for a passport at the Consulate General of Italy in Toronto, our Passport Office will have to contact the competent Authority in Italy (Questura) or the competent Italian Consular Office to obtain a mandatory authorization before issuing the document. Please be aware that this will result in a significant delay in processing your application.



On the day of the appointment booked through Prenot@mi, the applicant must attend the Consulate for fingerprinting and in order to submit the documentation indicated below (as applicable).


  • Two front-facing identical colored photos on a white background, 35X45mm (head size must be between 32 and 35 mm from the chin to the crown of the head), taken within the past 6 months - Click here to see the specimen
  • Previous Italian passport or if it is the first Italian passport, another valid photo ID. Dual citizens must bring their Canadian passport.
  • Canadian driver's license or other proof of current address (ex. utility bill or Ontario Photo Card).
  • If you are over 18, you must submit the passport form, duly filled out and signed by you. If you are a parent of a minor child, you must have consent of the other parent (please see below).
  • If the passport is for a minor child, you must submit the passport form duly filled out and signed by both parents.
    IMPORTANT: Prior to applying for the first passport of your minor children, please ensure that their birth certificate have been registered formally with the Italian authorities (Municipality/Comune AIRE). In any case, if the birth certificate is NOT registered in Italy, parents will have to follow the procedure described here before applying for passport.



To apply for their own passport or their children’s, applicants with minor children must obtain the other parent’s consent (click here for consent form) even if separated, estranged, divorced, common law or in case of adoption.

If the other parent is an EU national, it will be sufficient to submit his/her written consent together with a photocopy of his/her passport or valid photo ID (include page with signature) of the EU country of citizenship.

On the other hand, if the other parent is not an EU national, they must attend in person with a valid photo ID to sign their consent. The signature must be authenticated by an officer at the Consulate General or an Honorary Vice Consul and the authentication is subject to consular fees (Art. 24 - Click here to see Consular Fee and means of Payment).
As an alternative, it is also possible to have the signature authenticated by a lawyer whose own signature is filed with this Consulate, in which case, the lawyer’s signature will be legalized by this Consulate and consular fees apply as well (Art. 69 - Click here to see Consular Fee amd mean of Payment).

If the other parent’s consent cannot be obtained, a Decreto del Giudice tutelare signed by the Consul General acting as Judge supervising a guardianship will be issued. The relevant application form MUST BE SENT BY POST to the attention of the Passport Office of the Consulate General of Italy, 136 Beverley Street, M5T 1Y5, Toronto, ON, or hand-delivered on the day of the appointment.
Please be aware that if you hand-deliver the application form for a Decreto del Giudice Tutelare (Consular Decree), your passport will not be issued on the same day of the appointment and you will have to allow for extra-time in processing your application. The Consulate will have to attempt to contact the non-applying parent and will assess the application based on the best interest of the child. The Consul General in Toronto acts as a Judge supervising a guardianship for minors residing and registered in the Toronto consular jurisdiction (Manitoba, Northwest Territories and most of Ontario with some exceptions listed above).

If one of the parents is deceased, their original death certificate will need to be submitted.



Validity of a biometric passport:

  • 3 years for children aged from 0 to 3 years;
  • 5 years for children aged from 3 to 18 years;
  • 10 years for adults (aged 18 or above).

Although minors under 12 do not require fingerprinting, they are required nonetheless to attend in person. If a minor holds the passport of another Country, it may be included with their documentation to confirm personal particulars and as a proof of identity.

Minor applicants must have parental consent from both parents (Link to form) for their passport.



The passport fee must be paid in Canadian dollars (Money Order or Cash only) based on the Consular fee schedule: Art. 27a - Click here to see Consular Fee and means of Payment.
Please consult here our updated list of Visa Consular Fees. If you wish to pay cash on the day of the appointment, kindly make sure to have the exact amount with you.



The Consulate, thanks to the installation of new hardware, on an experimental basis and only for applicants registered in AIRE at this Consulate General, and in the presence of ALL the necessary documentation, will issue the new travel document on the same day of the appointment. Applicants who are not registered in this Consular jurisdiction must include in the application an Xpresspost (Canada Post) envelope so that we may mail out the passport to the applicant. .



Italian children under 14 years of age travelling alone or with someone other than their parents require a Consular declaration. The declaration is prepared free of charge by this Consulate at the request of the minor’s parents. The following documentation is required:

  • Request form (link to form), duly completed and signed by both parents
  • Photocopy of the parents’ passports
  • Photocopy of the minor’s passport
  • Photocopy of the passport of the person accompanying the minor/s
  • Or, if the child is travelling alone, information relating to the airline and flight.

For information about the requirements for Canadian minor children travelling abroad without their parent/s or legal guardian/s, please consult the travel page of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.



If your passport is lost or stolen, you must first report it to the local police, and then to the Consulate. The Consulate will be responsible for issuing a new passport to you, once it has completed processing your application.



This Consulate will issue an ETD (Emergency Travel Document) to Italian citizens in case of emergency (i.e. a tourist scheduled for imminent departure who loses or has his/her passport stolen). The ETD would only be valid for the return trip to Italy or other country of residency (as indicated in A.I.R.E., the registry of Italians living abroad).

In order to apply for an ETD, please call the switchboard on +1 416 977 1566 on working days and during Consulate service hours, while the emergency number +1 416 456 3355 is available from 4 to 9 pm on working days or on weekends and holidays from 8am to 9pm. 

To obtain an ETD, the applicant must attend in person with the following documentation:

  • Application form (applicants above 18, minors)
  • Local police report of the loss or theft of the passport;
  • Two front-facing identical colored photos (35X45mm) on a white background (the head should take up 70% of the entire photo)
  • A valid piece of photo ID i.e. identity card, driver’s license, etc. or/and photocopy of the lost/stolen passport. Should none of these be available, it will be necessary for this Consulate to verify the applicant’s identity before issuing the ETD.

The issue of an ETD is subject to a consular fee (art. N13A - click Here to see Consular Fee ).



This Consulate is not authorized to issue or to confirm the validity of the Carte d’Identità (Italian ID Card). Italian citizens wishing to obtain a new Carta d’Identita’ or to renew the expired one must contact their Italian municipality of AIRE registration in Italy.


In case of proven emergency, which will be assessed by the head of the Passport Office, an Italian citizen registered with AIRE in the jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Italy in Toronto may send an email to, indicating in the subject "PASSPORT REQUEST EMERGENCY PROCEDURE".

The applicant must describe their case, with supporting documentation attached, as indicated below.

If the case described falls into one of the emergency cases listed below, the applicant will be contacted by the Consulate and, as an exception, provided with an appointment on the same day of the request or, in any case, within a maximum of 3 days from the request (service available only on working days).

On the day of the appointment, the applicant must attend the Consulate with all the necessary documents (listed above on this page).

Those applying for an emergency passport will need to pay an emergency fee in addition to the normal passport fee. Please check the correct fee here.

The following may be considered as emergency:

- Serious family or health reasons, certified by the relevant healthcare facilities or authorities (no health-related details required). All documents must be written in or translated into Italian or English. Applicants must also submit flight booking or travel ticket;

-Urgent work-related reasons, supported by a reasoned request – signed by a senior manager – which must include their name, position and telephone number, and written on company headed paper. Applicants must also submit flight booking or travel ticket;

- Imminent expiry date of both PR Card and Italian passport. 

Please note that the emergency procedure does NOT apply to the applicant’s family members (exception may apply depending on the assessment of each case).

Dual citizens (Italian and Canadian) who wish to travel to Italy may do so with their Canadian passport as well.

The following ARE NOT accepted:

- Generic letters or communications which do not clearly indicate the need to return to Italy for assistance to a family member, or for other official commitments or for serious reasons;

- Airline tickets or letters from relatives, acquaintances, etc only;

- Proof of urgent work-related commitments reported only in messages received via email or on mobile devices (chats and alike);

- Self-certification of the applicant on urgent/emergency situations not proven by adequate supporting documentation;

- School trips;

- Holiday bookings.

Only Italian citizens registered in AIRE (LINK AIRE) with this Consulate may apply for the emergency passport service.